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She kneed down right in front of him and with one fast motion she pulled his shorts down to his knees, freeing his cock, which was jumping up under the waistband of the shorts and was exactly pointing at Macys face. “Wait, don't make me cum here, I would shoot my load all over your desk.” Macy looked down at his cock again but didn't stop jerking it. “On you, …, in you” He said as he was starting to take her top off with one hand. The two siblings were standing right in front of each other, Macy was completely naked and Ethan had just his shirt on.Up until that point Macy was smiling but when she saw that big cock right in front of her eyes her face changed from smiling to being shocked. ” She said sounding angry, but at the same time she couldn't get her eyes of his dick. Her hand was already wet from his juices and she was trying to determine how long it would take him to blast his cum. While Macy was looking hat Ethans face, Ethan had only eyes for his little sisters pussy.“Come here brother, let's see what you like”, she said while typing in the URL of a teen-porn site and opening a video with a young blond actress and a man that was probably twice her age.

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You're a man, everyone knows you're doing it.” Ethan tried to answer but Macy was not finished talking.

He stepped right next to Macy in her chair looking at the screen and saying “Yes, I really like that”. Ethan stopped looking at the screen and started looking at his sisters body in that desk chair.

He tried to make it sound like a joke, but somehow it came out genuine. She was also wearing boxers, so he had a good look as her nice long legs and thighs and as his eyes wandered upward he noticed that he could see his little sisters nipples through her plain white top and also was able to look down through her breaths.

He was afraid that she could see it, after all, he was only wearing a shirt and boxer-shorts, so he tried to think of something else so that it wouldn't become visible.

Maybe that plan would have worked, but Macy was for away from letting it go.

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