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It plays in Alphys's Lab, and at a slow speed during her date, and then at a fast speed when she freaks about her love for Undyne towards the end of the date.

The film's soundtrack is produced by Danny Bramson and Cameron Crowe.Its long-awaited return represents more than just the next chapter in the series.Need for Speed Payback is a reinvention of the entire Need for Speed soundtrack experience.It all began with Speed, and it was once one of Media Ventures' best, but as a serious music fan, an action score fan, and Zimmer fan I now feel mostly indifferent to this dated score CD. Ironically, Mark Mancina ended up giving us one of the best action movie scores of the past two decades with the critically-mauled Speed 2: Cruise Control three years later, a score that broke away from the synth trend and delivered a massive orchestra firing on all cylinders.

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