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in the former Howard's Lower Mill, Water Street in Dursley to manufacture agricultural machinery. Listers had redesigned Pedersen's cream separator, expanded its lines of sheep shearing machinery, was producing milk churns and wooden barrels for butter, and from the off-cuts developed a successful line of wood-based garden furniture. for their design of petrol-driven engines (derived from the design of a range of imported engines made by the U. After the war, Sir Robert Lister retired and turned management at Dursley over to his grandsons (sons of Charles Ashton Lister CBE) Robert, Frank, Percy and George together with A. George managed home sales and Frank was in charge of buying, while Cecil did not have a clearly defined role at all, and, although Robert was the eldest, it was Percy (later Sir Percy) who had by far the most significant impact.In 1889 Robert acquired the UK rights to manufacture and sell Danish engineer Mikael Pedersen's new cream separator, which through a spinning centrifugal separator allowed the machine to run at a constant speed and hence create a regular consistency of cream. In 1909 the company acquired manufacturing rights from the London-based firm of F. Developing foreign competition meant that the manufacturing of milk churns and barrels ceased, and the over supply of second-hand ex-military engines and lighting sets reduced the company's profit considerably.In the nearby valley was located a foundry, together with a number of other workshops necessary for the production of engines and the various other products offered, including a machining shop, capstan lathe shop, engine assembly lines, and a coopers' shop.Many goods were shipped out from the nearby Dursley railway station, which was located on land leased from Lister.

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The firm was profitable in the 1930s, and able to provide town-wide medical services and a social club, which still exists.However, back in England in 1939 he was able to get the Austrian governess (A Miss Simpkiss) of his second family to the continent.He and the rest of the family packed her suitcase with clothes in which they stuffed huge quantities of cash.During the late 1920s Sir Robert and Charles Ashton Lister had been responsible for trying to obtain payments of bad debts incurred by American and Canadian farmers during the Great Depression. However, Charles remained in Canada where he built up the North American business for Listers as well as pursuing other business opportunities on his own.Being sympathetic to their plight debts he suggested to Sir Robert that Listers should sue the banks as there? He returned to England in about 1936 with his second wife Doris Eleanor and four new sons, Charles Owen, John, Frederick William and James Hugh.

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    During this restoration I’ll be removing rust from all the mechanical components in apple cider vinegar baths and then polishing the chassis. All electrolytic caps are being replaced - as they should for an amp of this age.

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    You can also go to the "A-to-z Guarantee Claims" link in your Seller Account to respond to claims.