Online dating sevice for wiccas

This attempt failed due to many people, Wiccans included, getting distracted by the vast quantities of cleavage on display.Wiccans found such cleavage useful in their "magickal masturbation rituals" or as non-Wiccans call it, just jacking off.As a result, Congress passed a new law that banned the book.In response Wiccans cast many spells against the president, but since Mercury was in retrograde motion and the moon was void of course, the spells were even less effective than a single average good old-fashioned faith prayer.

Wiccans can't seem to shift this mistaken belief when all they really do is hug trees, worship the Horny God and sacrifice cats and burn odd-smelling substances.

Others form small groups of believers, called covens, whore houses or brothels.

Because of centuries of religious propaganda and misinformation dating way back to 1954 A.

In order to bring public attention to this growing problem, Wiccans released a propagandist documentary called Practical Magic staring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman which showed how real witches live, Harm None and are victims of stereotyping even from childhood.

In 1972, Wiccan insurgents from Amazonia infiltrated Britain and released a manifesto (and call to arms) in the guise of a children's book called "Richard Posner and the Philanthropist Gnome".

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