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Cohen said her staffers are just trying to share information and contact details with the women and then stay in contact with them through an app called We Chat, which is popular in China.

“What they don’t do, they don’t go in and start interviewing them,’’ she said of her workers.

He relied upon e-mail to contact colleagues and clients and used online databases to conduct legal research.

One evening, alone in his office, he accidentally stumbled upon an adult entertainment website and out of curiosity scanned through several of its pages.

Over the next few months, Donald searched for new pornographic websites as a way to relieve his job pressures.

Soon, he found himself going to work early, taking more breaks, staying late, and even coming in on the weekends to surf.

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"Just a few minutes won't hurt," he rationalized as he surfed.

Volume 18, Number 5July/August 2001 Other Bumps in the Road INTERNET ADDICTION-LAWYERS GETTING CAUGHT IN THE NETBy Kimberly S.

Young Donald is a solo practitioner from Pennsylvania who knew the benefits of the Internet.

When one of the 10-person teams of police and non-profit workers arrives at a business, the cops tell the managers that they’re there to do license inspections.

The officers then ask if they can talk to the predominantly Asian female workers as part of the inspection — escorting the women to a room so that the Mandarin-speaking nonprofit staffers can chat with them.

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