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Lycos Dating Search, as the search engine is called, contains millions of profiles and photos, and Lycos is in the process of striking deals with other online dating providers, he said.

The site is at there will be a link to it from the main Lycos portal and from other sites on the Lycos network, he said.

After a user runs a query, Lycos Dating Search returns portions of the profiles it finds.

To read the full profile, users can click on the search result, which takes them to the original dating site.

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Users will be able to easily look for a hottie near them!

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is making it easier for lonely hearts to find their soulmates online.

Lycos Dating Search provides a variety of features and parameters to frame and narrow queries.

Lycos, a Waltham, Massachusetts-based subsidiary of South Korean Web portal operator Daum Communications Corp., will generate revenue in a number of ways from Lycos Dating Search.

Lycos will sell online ads and charge partner dating sites fees.

For example, partners will pay Lycos every time a Lycos Dating Search user clicks through to their site and/or every time a user signs up for their service, Degenhart said.

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