Dating ex convicts

Was someone my age picked up at a party rousting back in '76 with a joint? Did her old man walk out on her and a new baby and she wrote over 0 worth of hot checks to survive for a couple of months? What if you met someone, you really liked them, you got along, and at some point, they said, "Look. When I was in college, I was at a party and got really, really drunk. And on the way, I hit a car and the other driver died.

I was convicted of negligent homicide and did 6 years.

" My adult step-sons, for instance, don't need to be introduced to her as "This is my friend, X. By the way, she did time." If I invite my uncle Ralph to the wedding, I don't need to have it printed on the invitations.

It would be a matter for my significant other and I to discuss and agree upon who to tell when.

When meeting someone new I always ask point blank "have you ever been arrested"? I know that not all felons are not bad people and am glad to see that not everyone is so judgemental on this site.

Some people think that a felony automatically means horrible, violent crimes..that is not true. A friend and I had a conversation one day about everyone having a secret.

I used the time while I was in to get my marketing degree, and I haven't had a drink since.

But I thought you should know." Like I said, it depends to me on what felony was committed, the likelihood that they are pursuing a life of crime now, etc., etc.

If not, then that would probably be fine with me too.

It partly depends on what felony they committed, I suppose, and of course I have my personal prejudices.

I don't automatically consider a past felony convication a sign that a person is irredeemable.

I'm not going to say that someone having been convicted of a felony in the past automatically rules them out as a partner for me.

How many people are today sitting in jail wrongly convicted of felonies?

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