Dating and being a female preacher

He is a skilled leader and preacher, and I spent the early days of our relationship feeling a bit overshadowed.But Steve saw my calling and giftedness as a leader more than I did.The only thing that kept me from running away was a sense of call from God. Before and after each sermon, I felt a great temptation to believe the voices telling me that I couldn’t do it, that other people were far more equipped than me.I frequently prayed, asking God for supernatural courage.” I told her, “Yes.” Jenny responded, “Then you need to keep doing it.” And so I kept saying yes.Another person who became a great advocate for me is my husband, Steve.My “yes” to preaching comes out of a deep sense of call to use my voice.

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Partnering with Steve, with the unique ways we are each gifted, has been a surprising place of healing and joy for me.

Part of my role was to preach a few times a year at weekly large group meetings and various annual conferences.

At that point, I wasn’t giving an enthusiastic “yes” to preaching; it was more like a reluctant, “I’ll try.” It turns out that God loves to work through people who say “I’ll try.” In the weeks leading up to my first sermon, I was filled with anxiety and fear. I fantasized about calling my staff supervisor, and making up an elaborate lie about why I couldn’t preach that night. But my inner world was filled with deep insecurity as a preacher.

The more sermons I preached, the more I began to find my voice and my confidence. I continued to grow and learn, and I began feeling more comfortable as a female preacher.

I started believing that I was not just called to preach, I was equipped by God to do it.

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