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It will provide a new stream of research into the development of British Idealism and its influence on contemporary figures."Peter Keelan, Head of Special Collections and Archives, and Wales's Librarian of the Year, is responsible for the collection.

He said: "Rarely does such a rich and extensive archive survive down the years.

It's a big switch for an artist who originally started with excellent, but more conventional, paintings.

Paterson said, though, he now believes he's been working up to this style from his earliest childhood.

Next month, he will be starting concurrent exhibitions in Collingwood and Toronto galleries.

Paterson has been pursuing this art for several years now, and is starting to build a fan base internationally and domestically.

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The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.It simply needed another forum to manifest itself."While I was there, it was just such a change, and a culture shock.I had a crisis of faith, too, and I couldn't find the words to talk to God.He related how, spending his early years in Saskatchewan, he was fascinated with a giant piece of abandoned farm equipment that his grandparents had on their property.He said he spent countless hours playing on the machinery, and he can now see a resemblance between the esoteric pieces with moving parts he's now creating and that rusting hulk."I call them prayer machines, because they have an ambiguous machine-like look to them. What's the first thing you're told as a student on a field trip to an art gallery? But they are meant to be touched, they need to be touched."The name comes from an epiphany Paterson had a year or two after giving up painting several years ago.

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