Bsd ports updating

has found and verified several patches to the current ports data.

Open BSD comes with several useful software packages on teh installation media, but due to limited space the vast majority of software is provided through the Open BSD ports collection.

To retrieve the gz through FTP, we can use the wget utility: $ Each Open BSD release contains a ports tar archive, and in the example above we retrieved the version that has been certified to work with Open BSD 3.9.

The key is used to verify the integrity of all downloaded files, ensuring they have not been modified in-flight.

After entering the command above portmaster will recurse through the port and its dependencies (if any) to handle any configuration options.

If configuration options have changed since the last time the port was updated, portmaster will likely prompt for input.

Root BSD now offers a subversion mirror for users that desire more control over their ports tree.

This set of files is used for building and installing applications on Free BSD, and other BSD-based operating systems.

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